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A.J.H. Wrote:


My history with back pain started in 1965, when I was 22, after working on our family farm and arriving at Purdue University. The pain struck as I attempted to get out of the car.
Over time, I had to go to the infirmary, at Purdue, for some massage and heat treatments. The pain would come and go, depending on my work schedule and activities in the upcoming years.
I, eventually, started going to a chiropractor who gave me some relief but, as time went on, I suffered a slipped disc. Not knowing what it was, I worked with it for a week before I went to a back surgeon. He told me that if I didn't go home and lay down for at least 2 weeks, only getting up to eat and go to the bathroom, that I'd have an 80% chance of having back surgery. Needless to say, I did what he recommended. After 14 days of laying and pain medications, I was still in pain. It took me another 3-4 days to, really, start feeling better.
Since I had still been going to the chiropractor, when I suffered my slipped disc, I felt like I needed some other kind of treatment to avoid suffering the same fate. I tried massage therapy at LaPorte Hospital. Each time I would go, I may or may not end up with the therapist I preferred. Eventually, the woman, I preferred, ended up going into business for herself and I followed. After a couple years she moved out of LaPorte and I went to another therapist on her recommendations. She, eventually, had family issues and it was time to move on, again.
By chance, I remembered a name and location that first therapist told me about and I ended up calling her for help. It turned out to be Monika of European Spa, LLC, also in LaPorte. I started going to her on a trial basis to see how she compared to my other therapists. To my great surprise, I thought she was better and gave me more help and relief than anyone I had ever went to. I've been going to her for over 2 years now and also have introduced her to my wife and daughter who she has also helped with variety of different aches and pains.
Getting back to me. In the course of time since I have gone to her, I had hip replacement surgery because of arthritis and shoulder pains which has creeped up over my aging process, age 71.
My hip surgery was, totally, successful but I still had lingering pain. Monika has been able to help keep the hip pain under control, since I told her about it. I can go 4-5 weeks without having it come back on me.
In the meantime, I've had shoulder pain which may be a result of and old injury that flared up from bad sleeping habits. She, in recent weeks, has been working in that area too. From the first time she worked on my shoulder, the pain went away and the last time I was there she worked on a spot that she thinks trigger the pain from my back to my shoulder and chest area. This was giving me so much concern that I asked my medical doctor about the area that I originally thought I was having heart problems. He paid special attention and said I did not have a heart problem. I will be seeing this doctor, soon, so I can tell him what the actual problem was, the last time I saw him.
So, in closing, I don't know where I'd be, if it wasn't for the help of Monika and her caring hands. I know my pain would have been much worse and that it would be harder for me to be as mobile in my daily life. Thank you Monika.

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JD Wrote:

My physician over 16 years ago, suggested a monthly massage therapy session to help reduce anxiety and stress. The therapist I was seeing moved from the area.
I came to European Spa, LLC 7 years ago, in an urgent need to get my system back in balance. From the first massage treatment administered by Monika, and all of my sessions with Monika, I have always received what I needed and expected. In the hands of this petite young lady who is a “stress reducing process”, a trait that I have rarely found in other therapist. I use the word ‘process’ because additionally what I encounter each session is, a young lady: committed to her profession; well-read and educated; the ability to discuss a mélange of topics; a strong desire to learn and broaden her knowledge; a pleasant personality; the ability to put me at ease and is interested in me as a person and committed to make the therapy session an enjoyable experience for both of us.
We did know each other when she was first recommended to me, but I am now pleased to call Monika my friend.

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Nancy B. Wrote:

Some quick example text to build on the card title and make up the bulk of I have gone to the European Spa, LLC for many years. I thoroughly enjoy my experience with both facials and body massages. Monika is very professional, friendly and provides excellent services. She is the owner and the only therapist in her salon. She knows each and every customer very well.
I would recommend European Spa to anyone looking for a relaxing and personal experience.

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Tina R. Wrote:

I’ve had there facials and an Essential Oil Massage done at this spa. It was heavenly experience! They are open by appointment only which is little inconvenient but on positive side it’s relaxing and private - nobody interrupts the services. I felt totally relaxed. I recommend that place to everybody.

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Mary M. Wrote:


That is the best spa I have ever went to! Great service, beautiful, very relaxing surrounding, the nicest staff and very good european products. They do the best deep tissue massage! I’m going to be their regular client.

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