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 Massage Therapy 

This unique Hawaiian healing massage, derived from the ancient Polynesians, is also called the "Loving Hands Massage.”

The massage therapist works gently yet deeply into the muscles with continuous flowing strokes, totally nurturing the body and allowing the recipient to relax like never before with any other technique. The massage is given in fluid, rhythmic motions using the forearms as well as the hands.

The Hawaiians look at things in terms of energy flow, following the idea that a thought or belief can block energy flow as much as muscle tension can. Lomi-Lomi helps release the blockages, while at the same time giving the energy a new direction. This massage includes the use of heated massage oil with the addition of customized essential oil

Two of our most relaxing massages combined to effectively mitigate your stress and relief tension. This spa treatment starts with Hawaiian Massage, and concludes with Hot Stone Massage. You will experience the deepest relaxation of your mind and give your tense muscles a chance to rest.

Ayurvedic Massage is an ancient Indian massage with a holistic approach to a human being.

It’s based on the belief that health and wellness depend on the delicate balance between mind, body and spirit. It has been shown to calm the mind and body by lowering metabolic rates and inspiring strong feelings of peace and satisfaction. Ayurvedic Massage is characterized with slow, long and deep massage movements which are bringing long lasting detoxification, cleansing, and rejuvenating effects on the person’s body.

The use of Indian hot essential oils throughout the whole massage session enhances relaxation and detoxification. It also boosts your immune system, helping your body fight and prevent illness. The philosophy behind Ayurvedic Massage is prevention, that is why we recommend to have it done on regular basis.

Smooth and heated lava stones are used to massage the body in long flowing strokes to relax and unwind muscle tension and stress from the body. The heat of the lava stones, served as an extension of a Massage Therapist's own hands, combined with smooth gliding movement, warms and relaxes tight and tense areas in your body, helping at the same time to unwind your mind. In the ancient past, hot stones warmed by the fire, were used by Native Americans to treat aching muscles.

Today's technique uses water heated stones. Direct heat from the stones relaxes muscles much quicker than a massage alone without hot stones. The pre-relaxed muscles allow Massage Therapist to reach the deeper layers that also need attention. The heat expands blood vessels, which helps to increase the blood flow throughout the body. The better blood circulation increases the oxygen supply to all body's cells, and speeds up the healing processes from injuries.

Hot Stone Massage enhances any massage technique by adding healing effect from heat of the lava stones. It’s the best and the fastest natural way to help recovery from muscles and tendons injuries.

Aching muscles after gym, weight lifting, or skiing? The answer is: Hot Stone Massage. It decreases the pain, relaxes muscle tension, and eases muscle spasms. The Hot Stone Treatment increases the body self-healing properties. This type of massage is proven to be great natural technique to help treat fibromyalgia and arthritis.

A classical European deep tissue massage that enables access to the deepest muscle tissue.

This massage is characterized with a lot of kneading motions and stimulating pressure points. This Therapeutic Massage is designed to help remove muscle tension and tightness, sciatic nerve, frozen shoulder problems, along with any tightness in the neck area. This massage is the best type of massage for any kind of athletes; runners, weightlifters, or swimmers.

Balinese Massage is an approach to massage developed in Indonesian province of Bali, with was influenced by the traditional medicine of India, China, and Southeast Asia.

It’s a full body, deep-tissue massage with uses a combination of gentle stretches, acupressure, skin rolling and flicking, firm and gentle stroking, percussion, and aromatherapy technique. The combination of the essential oils used in the Balinese Massage is potent and beneficial; it refreshes and relaxes the mind, energizes the body, and relieves fatigue. The aromaticity of the oils will also provide an atmosphere that improves all moods.

What else is Balinese Massage good for?

Balinese Massage techniques work to soothe damaged tissue, as well as relieve strained muscle and joint pain. They boost your blood and lymph circulation, which in turn rebalances the body, and reduces stress. This type of massage targets deeper layers of muscle, eases the body tension and soothes multiple types of pain. This is a firm massage, perfect for athletes, and very effective for individuals with low energy levels, lethargy, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, and fatigue. It also supplies beneficial effects for your immune system, reducing risks of any type of infection.

Medical Massage decreases pain and inflammation by releasing muscle tension or spasms. It restores strength and suppleness to your muscle, improves blood circulation and helps to treat Ischemia (lack of blood supply to soft tissue, which causes hypersensitivity).

Medical Massage helps relieve nerve compression or entrapment. Pressure on a nerve by soft tissue, cartilage or bone can contribute to muscle atrophy, referred pain, paresthesia, and conditions such as pseudo sciatica, piriformis syndrome, and pseudo angina.

Medical Massage can minimize or even treat these conditions. It also increases flexibility and range of motion by reducing hypertonicity and hypotonicity. It reduces the forces being applied to the joint capsule and diminishes the potential for joint and disk degeneration.

Medical Massage deactivates Myofascial Trigger Points; areas of high neurological activity, which refer pain to other parts of the body. Trigger Points may be responsible for as much as 74% of everyday pain.

Medical Massage is a cost effective treatment, assisting client towards a quicker recovery from acute headaches, neck and back pain, skeletal strains, sprains so, she or he is able to return to normal life.

The lymph system is a natural body's defense system against infection and disease. It’s made up of lymph vessels, lymph nodes, and lymphocytes (specialized immune cells). The lymph nodes produce immune cells that fight infection while filtering lymph fluid to remove foreign material. When bacteria or other immune threats are present in lymph, the lymph nodes increase production of white blood cells - infection fighters.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is one of the best things you can do to help your own body to help itself. Lymph drainage massage is a technique used to help increase lymph flow, body's drainage system essential for cleansing and filtering out toxins and bacteria. Increased lymph flow improves metabolism and removes harmful toxins from the tissues. Lymphatic massage utilizes a very light pressure combined with soft pumping movements in the direction of the lymph nodes.

Since lymphatic system has no "pump" on its own to move lymph through the system, bodily movement and breathing function help to move liquid lymph through the vessels and the filters of the lymph nodes.

For people who get too little exercise or eat processed foods, the lymphatic system can easily be overtaxed. That results the body to be susceptible to infection and disease.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage can increase the volume of lymph flow by as much as 20 times. By getting this treatment done on regular basis you are helping your body to stay strong and healthy.

Lymphatic massage with an addition of the Detox Serum application.

In this 90 minutes treatment we combined all essential techniques to achieve ultimate relaxation and well-being of your body, mind and spirit.

Therapeutic deep tissue massage assisted with aromatherapy essential oil's fusions is followed with hot lava stones massage. This particular combination of treatments has been proven to be one of the best ways to release stress, muscle tension and help to heal muscle and tendon strains.

Last step of our Essential Oil Aromatherapy Massage is dedicated to your skin for ultimate pampering. Essential Oil Sea Salt Scrub is followed with hot towel compress from head to toe. Thorough skin exfoliation, hydrating and moisturizing treatments are applied during this 90 minutes heavenly experience.

Aromatherapy Essential Oils and hemi-sync meditation music played throughout this massage will help you to achieve the ultimate relaxation and unification for all three: body, mind and spirit.

Prenatal Massage reduces anxiety and decreases symptoms of depression, while relieving muscle and joint pains. It can also improve labor outcomes and newborn health.

Studies done in the past 10 years have shown that pregnancy massage on regular basis significantly reduces "stress hormones" levels (norepinephrine and cortisol) and increases "happy hormones" levels (dopamine and serotonin). These changes in hormone levels also have shown fewer instances of newborn complications, such as low birth weight.

Prenatal Massage reduces swelling (edema) by helping with removal of fluids collection in soft tissue and joints. It also improves lymph drainage.

Many women in late pregnancy, as the uterus rests on the muscles of the pelvic floor and lower back, experience a sciatic nerve pain. The pressure of the uterus spreads tension to the muscles of the upper and lower leg causing them to swell and put pressure on nearby nerves. Maternity Massage helps inflamed nerves by releasing muscle tension and significantly reduces or removes sciatic nerve pain.

Other benefits of Maternity Massage are:
  • Reduced back pain
  • Reduced joint pain
  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Reduced number of headaches
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Improved oxygenation of soft tissue and muscles
  • Better sleep
Precautions for Prenatal Massage? To be sure that Prenatal Massage is right for you we require your doctor's permission letter for Prenatal Massage.

Hard to believe how heavenly relaxing it feels to have your scalp massaged! All the tension from everyday stress collected in your tired muscle disappears just in 30 minutes, like with the touch of the magic wand! Application of the conditioning and beautifully scented serum will make your hair grow healthier and stronger!

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