Body Wrap Treatment being performed

 Body Treatments 

This treatment is incredibly relaxing and nourishing for the skin. It consists of pouring warm honey and Mediterranean olive oil with Italian herbs all over the body. The sweet honey and herbal aroma, along with the heat from the olive oil affect all your senses and bring your mind to the state of ultimate relaxation. Your body will be wrapped for 30 minutes to let the skin to absorb nourishing ingredients. Aloe Vera gel will be applied for the finishing touch.

Buff away that winter dry skin! This treatment uses:
  • A mixture of Dead Sea salts
  • Massage oil enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera
  • Body moisturizing wash
  • And an essential oil of your choice!
This treatment will leave the skin all over your body smooth and glowing like never before! Moisturizing effect will last up to two weeks. Treatment doesn't include the facial skin.

This is an ultra-soothing and hydrating aloe treatment. It's personalized for you with aromatherapy oils and/or hydroxy acids. You'll be swaddled in a thermal wrap to infuse the skin with moisture. Ideal for calming sun exposed or winter dry skin.

This treatment starts with deep cleansing, extraction of blackheads and whiteheads, and exfoliation. Then, a stress relieving massage with essential oils, and a customized masque. This spa treatment will leave you relaxed, and your skin clean and radiant.

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