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Save a lot when buying one of our carefully prepared spa packages and take advantage of the frequent specials offered by our spa! Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date, and catch every special deal!

Summer Special Packages:
(Limited Time Offer)

Super Hydration Facial Treatment:
This quick 20 minutes facial treatment will provide your skin the essentials of rejuvenation and deep hydration.
Only $50!

Angel's Package:
Lava-Lomi Massage plus Ultrasonic Facial $150
$255 Value, Save $105!

Madras Package:
Ayurvedic Massage plus Lightening Lemon Zest Facial $150
$200 Value, Save $50!

Wild Berry Package:
Lomi-Lomi Massage plus European Facial $125
$185 value, save $60!

Blue Laguna Package:
Salt Glow Body Treatment plus Angel's Touch Facial $70
$95 value, save $25!

European Facial + Dermalile® Package:
Enjoy the benefits of both services for better results and save $60!

$160 value, save $60!